Email Verification Service

Bulk email list verification is considered to be an indispensable tool. It allows a company sending mass emails determining the fact whether the list of email addresses is fully valid as well as deliverable. This verification process is comprised of an address by address analysis of each mail that belongs to the uploaded list.

Email Qty Time Hour Files $-Price Per Count


20,000 24 01 $-24 0.00078
50,000 24 02 $-24 0.00078
100,000 24 03 $-69 0.00069
500,000 48 10 $-290 0.00058
1,000,000 48 20 $-490 0.00049

However, the legitimacy of an email address can be easily figured out by utilizing a good number of validation techniques. As soon as the validation process ends, the invalid email addresses (if any) gets filtered out. It makes the email list clean and fully deliverable.

Things to consider while choosing email verification service:

While you select the email verification service, a lot of choices are there that can quickly affect your decision-making process. This trouble especially takes place when you don’t have any kind of idea on which options are essential for email verification. Most of the email verification service providers offer basic server check, syntax validation and mailbox verification. But, it is really important to know which features must be considered while running this verification service.

email verification service IndiaSpam trap or honeypots is therefore considered to be one of the most essential features. They exist to serve the purpose of catching spammers in the email list. A single honeypots included your email list can really make an effect on your entire deliverability system. Moreover, it can blacklist your domain along with ISP. Our email verification system will weed them out to let you enjoy a spam-free email list for rest of the period.

Why should you use email verification system?

Most of the users are unaware of the importance of bulk email verification service. Well, a business always demands the high delivery rate while sending mass emails. Starting from marketing campaigns to order confirmation to customer engagement – everything is directly associated with successful delivery of emails. And that’s why we have come up with seamless email verification system.

By using upgraded technology, we pick out the discrepancies from your email list to prevent the bounce back trouble. It also saves the users’ domain from getting blacklisted as well as protects the reputation of the sender.

What do we check in your email list?

Our experts ensure to deliver the most trusted email verification system that you can’t find anywhere else. We run the compete verification service that consists of the following things –

  • Syntax – It is a quick check with your email list to get an assurance that the mail address adheres to the RFC standards.
  • Domain – We run a research on the domain part and check the elements associated with it. This process ensures us that it is prepared to accept emails are sent from different addresses.
  • Mailbox user – It is the most important part while running email validation service. This enables us to verify whether or not the user’s email exists.

Why should you avail our services?

In this competitive market, it is a big question that why you should rely on our email validation services. With years of experience, we have helped countless number of clients from different sectors such as – email marketers, call centers, email list brokers, and lead generation groups and more. Our experts are equipped with all sorts of advance validation tools in order to offer the best outcome. So, let us check your email list and cut down the bounce rate for the rest of the months.

Services are affordable:

Being a premier email validation service provider, we have helped our clients in creating a bounce-free mailbox with excellent spam detection system. The services are comprised of all sorts of facilities that you actually need. Moreover, we offer pocket-friendly packages!